Apr 19

Texas Chiropractic Resource

One resource which most current and prospective chiropractic patients in Texas don’t know exist is the Texas Chiropractic Association.  This can be a helpful resource for several reasons including:

  • Being informed of new legislation affecting Texas chiropractors
  • Links to national media articles discussing the topic of chiropractic
  • Being informed about chiropractic if you move to a new town in Texas so that you can narrow down the list of chiropractors in your new community
  • Having access to the publications which your chiropractor might be reading such as the Texas Journal of Chiropractic
  • Many other benefits


Here is the association’s website:  http://www.chirotexas.org/


If you want a starting resource for some good information, then you are welcome to visit this link:


Hopefully this resource – and other authoritative sources – helps you get better treatment in the long run from your current or future chiropractor in Texas.

Sep 28

Get To Know Your Spine Quiz

Here is a fun little quiz from Webmd.com about getting to know your spine better:


Over time we plan to include more tips, games and articles to help you know more about your spine and how it affects your health.


Mar 15

Spring 2015 Issue From The Texas Chiropractic Association

The Texas Chiropractic Association earlier this month published its Spring 2015 issue.  The issue can be found online here:


It discusses cold medicine and babies, new pain standards, and more.  The link also includes links to previous/archived issues from the TCA.

Feb 12

Fun Widget To Get To Better Understand Your Spine

Here is a fun little widget which – if you have the appropriate plugins on your browser – should allow you to better understand more about your own spine:

It shows you what each segment of your spine looks like (in isolation) as well as:

  • which organs that vertebrae affects
  • the nerves each affects
  • where each vertebrae is within your spinal column


The widget also shows you some suggestions for your posture while driving, sleeping, and sitting.  You also can see animations of postural problems from the side and rear of the human body.

In all, you may find this little widget to be educational and make it easier to have a better understanding of your own body.

Jan 21

ACA Updates

If you want authoritative information about happenings nationally with chiropractic subjects, consider going to the ACA news room:


According to the website:

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA), based in Arlington, Va., is the largest professional association in the United States representing doctors of chiropractic.


You likely can find out some beneficial information through this website if you want to learn more about the subject of chiropractic.

Jan 20

Plano Chiropractor Using Chiropractic Technology

Here is a short video about a Plano and North Dallas chiropractor who uses chiropractic technology to help make spinal adjustments easier as well as give patients a visual feedback on the effectiveness of each adjustment:


For more information, please contact the office through the information you find below on the home page.